😎 Pepsi's New Logo, Cottonelle Gets Ripples, NASA's Top Sci-Fi Flicks, Bud's Backlash & More
🤖 Content Creation—The Good, The Bad & The Generative AI

🤵🏼‍♂️ Snapchat's AR Mirrors For Prom Season, Consumer Confusion Over AI & More

⁉️ It's time for a quick round of Loaded Questions featuring questions about Snapchat's new AR initiative for Men's Wearhouse, consumer confusion over phrases like "Powered by AI" and more.

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🥽 Forget cosplay lenses: Snapchat AR is going retail—just in time for prom season (at 00:39)
💸 A $700 million settlement rocks the media world (at 02:40)
🤖 WTF does "powered by AI" mean? Confused consumers want to know (at 04:32)
🪄 Canva's alternative word for "AI" that's pure–we'll, you'll just have to hear for yourself (at 05:45)

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