🛣️ 2023 Trend Watch (Pt 1)—TikTok Tour De Force, EV Backlash Ahead?
📈 2023 Trend Watch (Concl)—Influencer Marketing, Experiential, Home Automation & More

🤖 2023 Trend Watch (Pt 2)—A Reality Check For ChatGPT & The Maximum Effort Agency Model

Is a reality check on all the hype surrounding ChatGPT and other popular generative AI apps in the cards for the year ahead? And is Ryan Reynold's Maximum Effort-style marketing coming to a brand or agency near you? From February 7.

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🧱 Are ChatGPT & generative AI headed for the Brick Wall of Disillusionment? (at 00:43)
🎨 Why "generating" and "creating" aren't necessarily the same thing (at 01:01)
📸 Why Getty & others are already gunning for image generating AI (at 01:13)
🤕 The 5 biggest challenges for marketers looking to leverage generative AI (at 01:45)
👩🏾‍⚖️ Forget content: a sampling of more promising use cases for generative AI (at 3:25)
🎣 The dangers of generative AI, from fetching malware code to phishing at scale (05:43)
🔍 ZeroGPT: The easy way to sniff out blog posts, term papers written by ChatGPT (at 04:59)
🤳🏾 The real reason Ryan Reynolds is worth a Mint in 2023 (at 06:18)
📢 Maximum Effort: Can marketers wrap their heads around the Reynolds model (at 06:33)

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