🏆 Landing Legoland—Q&A With Whit Hiler, ECD at Ad Age 'Small Agency Of The Year' Cornett
🎬 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023 (Pt 2): Across the Sequel-verse

🍿 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023 (Pt 1): Blasts from the Past

From nuclear physics to the Speed Force, the Ricks reveal their most anticipated movies of 2023. In part one: Cillian Murphey and Christopher Nolan revisit the Manhattan Project, while Ezra Miller and Andy Muschietti enter a DC multiverse with multiple Scarlet Speedsters (and a bevy of Batmen). From March 10.

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🎬 Ghosted, Dead Reckoning, Indiana Jones & more, coming to a theater near you (at 00:33)
☔️ But first: Why California's real rainy season hasn't even started yet (at 01:10)
🎥 The 2023 movie season: from spoofs to sequel mania (at 02:25)
💣Forget the Scarecrow: Cillian Murphey becomes the Destroyer of Worlds (at 04:50)
⚡️ The Fastest Man Alive meets the Maiden of Might—with a little help from Batman(s) (at 07:03)

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