🍿 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023 (Pt 1): Blasts from the Past
🎥 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023 (Concl): Trouble In The MCU, Resurgent Horror Movies & More

🎬 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023 (Pt 2): Across the Sequel-verse

Is it John Wick or Mr. Jones? In part two of their 2023 Most Anticipated Movies episode, the Ricks talk some of the biggest franchises to get their attention this year—and it's not always the ones they expected.

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🐽 Rick W.'s Most Anticipated list includes a sequel with a Spider-Pig (at 0:39)
💥 Rick M's sequel list is ready for a box office "Reckoning" (at 02:30)
✊🏻 Revisiting Henry Cavill's arm-cocking and continuity issues (at 03:08)
🫣 Rick W. has to decide between two favorite action heroes (at 04:24)
😎 Does the "John Wick" franchise take place in the Matrix? Discuss (at 6:05)
🚀 Why "Dial of Destiny" and "Dune 2" didn't make either Rick's Top 3 list (at 08:00)
🌩️ Shazz-itshow ahead? What's the deal with Captain Marvel(s)? (at 08:44)

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