🎥 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2023 (Concl): Trouble In The MCU, Resurgent Horror Movies & More
🤵🏼‍♂️ Snapchat's AR Mirrors For Prom Season, Consumer Confusion Over AI & More

😎 Pepsi's New Logo, Cottonelle Gets Ripples, NASA's Top Sci-Fi Flicks, Bud's Backlash & More

Pepsi rolls out its first new logo in 14 years. Cottonelle Ultra Clean toilet paper gets up close and personal with 'Tales From…Down There.' NASA names the best—and worst—sci-fi movies of all time. Why Bud Light's missteps may have caused March-through-May Madness, plus a whole lot more. From May 9. 

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🌏 Where in the world wasn't Rick Wootten? (at 01:02)
🧟‍♂️ Finally catching "The Last of Us" (at 03:07)
🏆 Did 2023's Best Picture really deserve winning Everything, Everywhere? (at 06:04)
👽 Surprises in NASA's Best & Worst Sci-Fi movies of all time (at 08:08)
🥤 Pepsi's new logo: Choice of a new generation? Same-old, same-old? Or both? (at 11:57)
🧨 Why Bud Light's March-to-May Madness went so wrong (at 15:04)
💩 Cottonelle Ultra Clean's "Tales From…Down There" gets the gunk out (at 18:11)

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