📈 2023 Trend Watch (Concl)—Influencer Marketing, Experiential, Home Automation & More
🏆 Landing Legoland—Q&A With Whit Hiler, ECD at Ad Age 'Small Agency Of The Year' Cornett

🏈 Pop Quiz: What's Your Super Bowl Ad Recall?

📺 On February 12, advertisers spent millions to showcase their commercials during one of the year's biggest television broadcasts. But how well do you remember their spots? In an episode recorded on Super Bowl Sunday, the Ricks test your recall and discuss the best—and worst—commercials of Ad Bowl 2023. From February 28.

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💰 A :30 second spot during this year's Super Bowl will cost you … how much? (at 02:03)
🏰 One man's Super Bowl commercial is another man's Castle Idaho (at 03:02)
🔺 Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott and Elton John push all the angles for this brand (at 03:59)
🚬 Maya Rudolf clams up over her effort to replace M&Ms with … something chewier (at 05:14)
😮‍💨 Jeep 4xe may destroy animal habitats, but at least it won't pollute them (at 06:28)
🐾 What's the best spot from this year's Super Bowl? Our ruff guesses (at 07:29)
🙏🏻 He Gets Us—but do we get Him? Our hot take (at 10:18)
🎭 Ben Stiller and Steve Martin really love Pepsi Zero Sugar … or do they? (at 12:26)
🤐 TurboTax gets footloose–but what is Melissa McCarthy saying in that Booking.com spot? (at 13:42)
💊 The cast of 'Breaking Bad' wants to give you the munchies—will you bite? (at 14:36)
🤣 Rick W. poses a question that has everything—except a correct answer (at 15:52)

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