🛍️ Surprising Stats on Digital Ad Spend, E-commerce...and the Wienermobile?
Affirmations for Ad Agency Creative Directors—From ChatGPT

🧠 FOMO for Fun & Profit: The Secrets Of Psychology-Driven Marketing

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Social Proofing. Tribalism. What are the most powerful psychological triggers for shaping consumer behavior and beliefs? In an all-new episode, we get insights from Jake McKenzie, CEO of Birmingham, AL-based Intermark Group, one of the nation's top psychology-driven ad agencies. By blending sociology, psychology, behavioral economics, and technology, it's possible to dramatically increase the efficacy of marketing programs. The problem: Far too many marketers start with a creative concept informed by demographic data masquerading as insight. In this can't-miss episode, we explore ways to hack the human psyche to boost marketing performance.

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🧐 An introduction to applied research and "creative psychology" (at 01:01)

🛍️ Adding psychographic insights to demographic data to optimize outcomes (01:43)

🦏 Animal House: Mohawk Flooring's carpet ride to market dominance (03:33)

📍 Building a better brief: Inside the mind-mapping process to make insights actionable (06:59)

👩🏼‍🦱 The problem with marketing personas: Context is everything (08: 57)

👀 The power of psychological heuristics like Social Proofing (10:36)

🍎 Who cares about product specs? Peer pressure doesn't fall far from Apple (12:50)

😳 Juicing demand by building a sense of scarcity–and why too many brands fear it (14:15)

🤓 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and advances in neuromarketing (16:23)

👥 Focus groups: The need to get past what participants tell you (17:44)

🚭 Smoking surprise: The least and most predictive indicators of a future purchase (18:33)

🙅🏽‍♀️ Why anti-drug campaigns fail to leverage what works in changing behavior (20:13)

✊🏼 Harley-Davidson & Rita's Italian Ice: How brands can tap tribal psychology (21:03)

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