🧠 FOMO for Fun & Profit: The Secrets Of Psychology-Driven Marketing
Q&A: Matt Binkowski, Author of 'The Creative Algorithm' (Pt. 1)

Affirmations for Ad Agency Creative Directors—From ChatGPT

We ask ChatGPT for an assist in developing our latest edition of Affirmations for Ad Agency Creative Directors—with unexpected results. 

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📸 Nothing beats a celebrity endorsement … right? (at 01:18)
⚠️ Don't forget to harness the power of … punctuation? (01:29)
⚾️ The truth about spec work for RFPs (01:42)
🎪 Think: Experiential—no matter what? (02:02)
🤖 Generative AI isn't something to fear … until it is (at 02:17)

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