Q&A: Matt Binkowski, Author of 'The Creative Algorithm' (Pt. 1)
🎬 Generative AI & The Writers Strike-Hollywood's Lessons For Every Industry

🤖 Q&A: Matt Binkowski, Author Of 'The Creative Algorithm' (Concl.)

In part two, Matt Binkowski, author of "The Creative Algorithm: How to Harness the Power of AI and Create Outstanding Digital Products," demystifies AI and shares pragmatic insights on how product teams can leverage it to outmaneuver the competition. In Binkowski's eyes, AI isn't something for creative people to fear—it's a tool for them to harness in order to move faster and serve customers better than ever before.

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🕵🏼‍♀️ Letting AI do the detective work on your competition (at 00:44 )
🥷🏻 Will AI really give your team an edge? Definitely…maybe (at 02:39)
🚥 Time for Jira to meet Siri? How AI can help teams stay on track (at 03:26)
🗂️ Letting AI run your life—what you need to do, and why (at 08:30)
🧏🏽 How AI can supercharge (and streamline) accessibility (at 09:50)
🧐 Beating bias in AI, the humans behind it—and their creations (at 13:39)
🧑🏻‍💻 UX best practices: No more re-learning what you already know (at 16:08)
🥹 When it comes to AI in product design, empathy is the key (at 18:36)
🗺️ How product designers should navigate the AI revolution (at 19:39)

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