🎄Hottest But Hardest To Get Tech Toys For Holiday 2023
🏈 Pop-Tarts' Marketing Touch Down, AI's Global Stereotyping, Bansky's Unmasking & More

🔮 2023 Predictions Scorecard: TikTok Ad Growth, Virtual Reality, Mint Mobile & More

🤯 The Ricks revisit their big predictions for the year—what they got right, and what they got hilariously wrong—in the worlds of marketing, media, tech, and pop culture. from December 28. Subscribe now to get episodes the moment they're released! 

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📲 Rick M should have banked on an acquisition for Mint Mobile
🥽 Rick W's attempt at "reverse predicting" about the "Year of VR" pans out
🍿 Domestic box office: Movie madness, sadness—or both?
⏱️ TikTok, brand advertisers, TikTok
👨🏽‍💻 Social media influencer: Elated—or deflated?
🚙 EVs: Charge ahead—or a last laugh for Toyota?
📺 The streaming wars: Has the Great Shakeout begun?
📈 B2B: Is the Hybrid Workforce really here to stay?
🤖 A generative AI reality check: Just starting, or nothing burger?

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From December 24. Subscribe now to get episodes the moment they're released!