🧟‍♂️ Gross-Out Halloween Candy From ChatGPT, 2023's Top Costumes & More
🎅🏼 E-Commerce Projections For Holiday 2023

🎅🏼 E-Commerce Projections For Holiday 2023

The all-important holiday shopping season is officially here—but what will online and mobile sales look like? The Ricks have your 4-1-1 on this year's biggest e-commerce trends. From November 24. Subscribe now to get episodes the moment they're released! 

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🎁 By the numbers: Sweater weather, ComicCon tickets, and retailers' Christmas wish list (at 00:50 sec)
🛍️ Beyond the totals, what percentage of total holiday sales will come via e-commerce? (at 01:40)
🎄 This year's biggest trends—including the battle between free shipping and BOPIS (at 02:43)

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