🏈 Pop-Tarts' Marketing Touch Down, AI's Global Stereotyping, Bansky's Unmasking & More
😎 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 1)—Marketing's GenAI Nightmare, Rise of Social Commerce & More

🏟️ Pop Quiz—Six Months Later, What's Your Super Bowl 2024 Ad Recall?

📺 On February 11, brands forked out billions to put their commercials in front of the largest audience to ever tune into a live sports broadcast. But two weeks later, how well do you remember the ads? In an episode recorded on Super Bowl Sunday, we test your recall and discuss the best—and worst—commercials of Ad Bowl 2024. From Feb 19. 


🏈 Great game, but tough on the Ricks' hometown team
💥 Aubrey Plaza & Nick Offerman can barely contain their excrement…er, excitement (at 02:35)
🥤 Is that a Baja Blast or did your Taco Bell Grande just make a run for the border? (at 03:27)
💦 Only Aquaman and Nerds Splashdance for Jennifer Beal (at 04:00)
🛸 Martin Scorsese says, "Hello Down There"—and it's not for Viagra (at 05:28)
🛍️ Bargain brand Temu and its trio of spots leave retailers trembling (at 06:36)
🥸 Chris Pratt can leave the 'stache at home—Rick W. won't recognize him anyway (at 07:57)
🛞 Christopher Walken doesn't. Like. The way people impersonate. Him. All of the. Time. (at 09:03)
🧞‍♂️ Dude looks like a Genie: Bud Light hopes its new brand mascot rubs you the right way (at 10:35)
🔺 Doritos wants the world to know that Dina and Mita are all that and a bag of chips (at 11:39)
🍋 Memo to Ice Spice's ex: Lem and Lime are her fresh new squeezes (at 12:36)
🧠 Jennifer Aniston offers sage advice—but don't be surprised if she forgets it (at 13:31)

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