❌ Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Concl)—Machine Customers & an End for X?
😎 Season 5 Finale (Concl.)—How Consumer Brands Leverage GenAI, The 4 "Ps" of Marketing Get An Upgrade & More

🙌🏼 A Sometimes Hilarious Look at Big Brand Moments From Tesla, ChatGPT, Pepsi, Legoland, Comic-Con & More

📣 It's time for an epic round of Loaded Questions as we revisit news, views, bloopers, and bust-ups from Season 5 of the #1 podcast on marketing, media, tech, and pop-culture. From May 2. 


⁉️ The Ricks' super-sized fifth season gets a blow-out edition of Loaded Questions (at 00:30)
🌎 The Ricks chef's-kiss faithful listeners who have made the show a global sensation (at 01:30)
🍔 Boring Burger? Elmo's Ketamine Cuisine? What's next for Elon Musk? (at 02:13)
🧱 Whit Hiler of Ad Age 'Small Agency of the Year' on landing LegoLand Resorts (at 03:16)
🤖 The Creative Algorithm, Agency Affirmations from ChatGPT—and She-Hulk? (at 4:37)
💥 Riddler-sticks: Move over generative AI, "The Batman" has you beat (at 05:58)
🥤 Tasty refresh, or same-old, same-old? The biggest brand identity move from the past year (at 06:42)
🎙️ Rick M's disastrous discography expands for a fifth straight season (our apologies) (at 08:25)
🏈 Ad Bowl gouging—or bargain? How much for those 30-second Super Bowl spots again? (at 10:18)
🦑 Mr. Beast busts a move—but is his game show really ready for Prime time? (at 12:09)
🍕 Lays Fingertip Washing Machine, Hasbro Selfie Action Figures & Dominos' telekinetic orders(at 14:00)
🤣 Hilarious sound bites and bodacious bloopers from the first five seasons of Rick and Rick (at 18:48)

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