🔮 2023 Predictions Scorecard: TikTok Ad Growth, Virtual Reality, Mint Mobile & More
🏟️ Pop Quiz—Six Months Later, What's Your Super Bowl 2024 Ad Recall?

🏈 Pop-Tarts' Marketing Touch Down, AI's Global Stereotyping, Bansky's Unmasking & More

🎨 Pantone's Color of the Year. Burger King's new flame-broiled…sneakers. Will the real Banksy please unmask? Tesla's brand placement…as an apocalyptic nightmare. Pop-Tarts scores a big win. Star Wars: Rebel Moon has the Ricks confused. Jack Reacher's Atlantean origins. Loaded Questions and a whole lot more. From Jan 30. 


📆 The Ricks reunite for a new calendar year
🦠 Rick W gets coal in his stocking—until it really matters
🚙 Rick M gets jealous of his wife's Apple CarPlay
🏍️ Yeah, but is Honda the Toyota of motorcycles?
🐠 TroublAlert: "Aquaman 2," we never saw ye
🤯 "Oppenheimer:" As explosively good as it sounds?
🚥 Tesla just won't let you "Leave the World Behind"
🦸🏻‍♂️ DC's "Doom" goes out with one last "Patrol"
🚀 "Rebel Moon:" This is NOT the "Star Wars" you're looking for
💪🏼 You don't know Jack about "Reacher's" Atlantian origins
👺 New suit may unmask Bansky…whoever he/she/they may be
🏟️ Pop-Tarts mascot gets eaten alive—and scores as meme
🍔 Burger King's new collab may not bode well for brand relevance
🤖 Barbie's AI gone wrong: How AI reduces the world to stereotypes
🖱️ 30 years of Bluetooth: Where did it get its name?
🍑Pantone's Color of the Year "resonates with compassion"
🙅🏽‍♀️ Will X/Twitter really "go the way of MySpace" this year?