🎈 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 2) Social Media Fatigue, LLMs Fall Short—and OpenAI Rebrands?
🙌🏼 A Sometimes Hilarious Look at Big Brand Moments From Tesla, ChatGPT, Pepsi, Legoland, Comic-Con & More

❌ Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Concl)—Machine Customers & an End for X?

Will X die before year's end? If it survives, will Elon Musk still own it? In the conclusion of their big 2024 Trend Watch episode, the Ricks pose some provocative questions about the network formally known as Twitter, the rise of machine customers, shoppable streaming, and more. From Mar 17. 


😎 No more prognosticating about "The Year of AR and VR"? (at 00:43)
📺 Streaming Consolidation: fait accompli? Or just wishful thinking? (01:15)
🛍️ Netflix & Shill: Shortening the path-to-purchase via "shoppable streaming" (04:34)
🇺🇸 ChatGPT for President? F*ckers finding out (05:29)
❌ Will the X where Twitter used to be survive 2024? Will Musk still own it? (06:18)
🤖 Shopping by proxy: The rise of machine customers (at 08:46)
🌎 2024 global ad spend—all the world's a game, billboard, or car (at 11:25)
📊 Today's fastest-growing brands—depending on how you define "brand" (13:04)

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