🏟️ Pop Quiz—Six Months Later, What's Your Super Bowl 2024 Ad Recall?
🎈 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 2) Social Media Fatigue, LLMs Fall Short—and OpenAI Rebrands?

😎 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 1)—Marketing's GenAI Nightmare, Rise of Social Commerce & More

🔮 Will TikTok take the lead in social commerce in 2024, or is unexpected competition in the everything-app department just a tap away? And what happens to SEO when search engines become Generative AI-enabled answer engines—and is your brand ready for what that does to site traffic (and MQLs)? From February 24. 


👀 What happens when SEO changes to AIEO (AI Engine Optimization)? (at 01:37)
…And how might social media "search" marketing help ease the pain? (at 02:48)
💩 Who's the boss? Phillips Laxative vs. Taco Bell (at 07:54)
👏🏻 Will social media apps become "everything apps"? And who will lead the way? (at 08:33)
💣 Our prediction on what Chris Nolan reveals when "Oppenheimer" wins Best Picture (at 11:07)

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