😎 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 1)—Marketing's GenAI Nightmare, Rise of Social Commerce & More
❌ Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Concl)—Machine Customers & an End for X?

🎈 Top Marketing Trends of 2024 (Pt 2) Social Media Fatigue, LLMs Fall Short—and OpenAI Rebrands?

🔮 Will social media fatigue take hold in an election year? What happens when brands discover one LLM isn't enough to achieve their generative AI ambitions? And is OpenAI in for a rebrand? In part two of our big 2024 Trends Watch episode, a look at the the trends taking shape and what they mean in the months ahead. From March 3. 


🤖 Generative AI: Why LLMs limp on their own—and why DLMs may be part of the answer (at 00:42)
📛 Branding: Is OpenAI in for a rebrand? Two possible identity options hit the surface (04:34)
🎈 Social media: Are we going from FOMO to JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out)? (05:30)
🌭 Weiner alert: What if Elon Musk launched the Tesla of … luncheon meat brands? (07:25)

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