✊🏻 McThankYou Meals, Nationwide's Voices & More

A look at HBO Max, because there just aren't enough subscription video streaming services out there. Plus: McDonald's gets McThankful, and Nationwide is hearing "Voices," as the Ricks are back with some all-new Loaded Questions. From May 18. 


πŸ“Ί Another week, another new subscription video streaming service (at :30 seconds)

πŸ” McDonald's has a message for healthcare workers and first responders (at 1:52)

⏯ Nationwide Insurance lets you give some advice to your future self (at 2:54)

Approximately 5 minutes. For US audiences.

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πŸ”‘ 3 Keys to Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

The Ricks share some of insights on marketing's new normal. Non-essential worker Barbie makes the most of quarantine. Baby reveals come to Zoom. Plus, are virtual barbers head and shoulders above the real thing? From June 26. 

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βœ‚οΈ Weeks into lockdown, Rick W. is digging for his Flowbee (at 1-min, 11-second)

πŸ’‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Rick M. decides to cut his own hairβ€”so what could go wrong? (at 1:50)

πŸ“ˆ Do out-of-work barbers have a future in consulting? (at: 3:00)

🏠 Sheltering-in-dreamhouse: Meet non-essential worker Barbie (at: 4:10)

πŸ› Just how much has the coronavirus pandemic changed marketing? (at 5:38)

🌎 The digital world's population boom (at 6:50)

πŸ• BOPIS with a side of pizza: Your business model, revisited (at 9:12)

πŸ’ˆ Will the new barbershop experience come with nitrous oxide? (at 11:00)

πŸŽͺ Can VR save trade shows? (at 11:34)

πŸ€‘ Is it time to cut your marketing budget? Or double down? (at 16:05)

🀝 Deal making in a post-handshake world (at 16:57)

πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Baby reveals, by way of Zoom (at 19:30)

Approximately 20 minutes, 40 seconds. For US audiences.

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❀️ 5 Brands Millennials Love Most

It's a quick round of Loaded Questions as we reveal the five most beloved brands to Millennials. From March 22.


πŸ₯œ Enter: Gif Peanut Butter - but isn't it really a soft "G"? (at :25 seconds)

πŸ’˜ Which 5 brands have Millennials needing a few minutes alone? (at 1:35)

πŸ’— … And what about Generation Z? (at 3:05)

πŸ“– Ebooks and white papers: Where do they best fit in the marketing funnel (at 3:3)


Listen: ❀️ 5 Brands Millennials Love Most Gif Peanut Butter & EBooks' Spot in the Marketing Funnel

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πŸŽ„ 'The Free Guy,' Coke Zero Lightsabers, 'Crisis on Infinite Earths,' 2019's Fastest-Growing Brands

πŸŽ„ "The Free Guy." Coke Zero bottles wage an OLED-based lightsaber battle. Netflix makes it safe for other nice brands to make the naughty list on Twitter. ''The Crisis on Infinite Earths" has begun. The Peloton Wife gets a new beginningβ€”thanks to Aviation Gin. The 5 fastest-growing brands of 2019, and more. From December 8. 


🎁 One Rick is ready for Christmasβ€”the other, not so much (at :40 sec)
Taskin logoWelcoming our new sponsor, Taskinβ€”the first name in stylish, premium-quality travel gearβ€”taskinsf.com (at 1 minute 32 sec)
πŸ’Š Blue Pill, Red Pill: DC or Marvel? McDonald's or Taco Bell? Rick W. has a surprising answer (at 2:55)
🎬 Ryan Reynold's "The Free Guy" trailer drops, and the Ricks are here for it (at 3:56)
πŸ’₯ "The Crisis on Infinite Earths"β€”the mother of all TV crossovers has officially begun (at 5:57)
πŸ“£ Netflix tweets, "What's something you can say during sex, but also when you manage a brand Twitter account"β€”you won't believe how other brands respond (at 8:43)
🍸 The Peloton Wife gets a new beginningβ€”courtesy of Aviation Gin (at 10:25)
βš”οΈ Coke Zero bottles use OLED diodes to wage a lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren (at 12:18)
πŸ“ˆ Door Dash, Impossible Foods, White Claw, Postmates and ?β€”the 5 fastest growing brands of 2019 (at 13:37)
πŸ§’πŸΌ πŸ‘΄πŸΌ Which brands win most with Millennials and Boomers? (at 14:24)
πŸŽ…πŸΌ Which CPG brand helped create Santa as we know him today? (at 15:19)
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πŸ¦ƒ A Pringles Thanksgiving, Singles Day Stats, Twinkies Cereal, Why VR Stinks & More

Singles Day scores $1 billion in its first :60-seconds. "Arson Frog" and "Okay Boomer" have meme warfare raging among generations. Plus: Twinkies cereal ignites a social media storm, what fMRI tells us about holiday shopping behaviors, why the future of VR may stink, Loaded Questions, and more.  


πŸ“Ί 'Prime' Evil: 'Man in the High Castle' Season 4 (at 1 minute, 43 sec)

🀯 Meme Warfare: 'Arson Frog' Catches Fire as 'Okay Boomer' Explodes (at 3:26)

πŸ’© Smell-o-Vision: Why the Future of VR Might Stink (at 5:50)

πŸ’° $1 Billion Sold in :60-Seconds: Our Singles Day Scorecard (at 7:16)

🀒  Turducken Pringles: Any way you stack 'em, someone's sure to cry fowl (at 8:53)

πŸ₯£ Twinkies for Breakfast: Social Media Cause CΓ©lΓ¨breβ€”or Cereal Offender?  (at 10:08)

πŸ‘Ί Why Deep Fakes Mean Real Trouble for Business in 2020 (at 11:44)

πŸ› Google Data: Top 3 Best (and Worst) Holiday Purchase Influencers (at 13:06)

🧠 What fMRI Brain Scans Tell Us About True Shopping Influencers (at 13:50)

πŸŽ…πŸΌ Six Fewer Days for St. Nick: Online Retail's Race Against the 2019 Calendar (at 14:58)

Listen via streaming, or click here

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🎧 Silent Coca-Cola Print Ads You Can Hear, AI-Generated Leadership Slogans & More

The Loaded Questions keep flying as we recall some of our favorite memories from Season 2 of Rick and Rick Rule the World.


🎧 Silent Coca-Cola print ads you'll swear you can hear (at 9 sec)

🧠 The technical name for the psychological effect Coke uses in those ads - it's SCIENCE (at 1 min, 09 sec)

πŸ”₯ … Revisiting the knee-slapping family fun of "Brightburn" (at 2:09)

🏰 The Top 3 "Game of Thrones" character names parents are giving their newborns (at 3:17)

🚽 What Rick M. really wanted the GoT characters to do with the Iron Throne … (at: 4:02)

🌎 How the Ricks are going wide (at 4:47)

πŸ€ͺ Which was more fun for the Ricks - Season 1 or Season 2? (at 5:54)

β˜•οΈ How ingesting too much of a good thing can go bad fast (unless it's Ricks Pez candies, of course) (at 6:28)

πŸ•΄ AI-created leadership slogans gone bad (at 8:01)

πŸ›‹ IKEA's plans to turn your living room into the set of your favorite TV show (at 932)

πŸ‰ The Ricks nail their rendition of "Never Ending Story," the sex lives of Muppets, pre-Internet gaming, still obsessing about Shamrock Shakes, the trouble with time capsules and more (at 10:33)

Listen through the embedded player, on iTunes, or by downloading here.

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😎 Why Podcasts are the New Website, DIY Deepfakes, and More

DIY audio deepfakes. Tinder's new choose-your-own-adventure streaming series. The new app that tells you if the people texting you are being flirtatious, or if you're strictly friendzone. Plus more. 


πŸ’₯ JJ Abrams enters the Spider-verse, with a little help from his son (at 48 seconds)

😍 Flirt-worthy, or strictly friendzone? A new app scans your text conversations to find out (at 2 min, 52 sec)

πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ A new app allows you to create audio deepfakes of yourselfβ€”so what could go wrong? (at 4:51)

β˜•οΈ Is it Pumpkin Spiceβ€”or poison? And did a 23-year-old woman just find out the hard way? (at 5:58)

πŸ’ Swipe left or right? Tinder's new choose-your-own-adventure-style streaming series (at 8:02)

πŸ₯€ Shake a Coke and a Smile: New Coke cans trigger cool new augmented reality experiences (at 9:18)

🎧 Thanks to Google algorithm updates, podcasts are the new webpage (at 13:03)

πŸ“° What those Google algorithm changes mean to news aggregators may be bad news

πŸ›’ Which generation has the most ethical shoppers? Spoiler alert: It's not the Boomers

πŸŽ…πŸΌ It's still summer, so of course these two brands are already running Christmas ads

Or Listen on iTunes

Approx 17 min, 34 sec.

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πŸ’₯ 2019 Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners, Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report & More

Internet Trends ReportInside Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report. Grand Prix Winners from this year's Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. Miller Light turns a beer into a game controller. Plus, all the coolest Funko toys headed to San Diego Comic-Con, and a whole lot more.


πŸ•·    'Spider-Man: Far from Home' arrives just in time (at :48 sec)

πŸ¦‡    Poll about best Caped Crusader leaves out Adam West, fans go batshit (at 1:26)

🍻    Miller Lite turns a beer can into a game controller, and we'll drink to that (at 3:39)

πŸ‘πŸ»      Who's a better Internet role model: Keanu Reeves or Mark Hamill?  (at 6:20)

🀑      Chuckles, Krusty, or Pennywise? Funko's funky Comic-Con line up (at 8:32)

πŸ“±      Key insights from Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report (at 10:20)

πŸ†      Grand Prix winners at the 2019 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival (at 19:08)

⭐️     Holy Hollywood icons: Look who's getting a star on the Walk of Fame (at 22:03)

🦁     2019 Cannes Lions' Buzzword Bingo (at 22:40)

πŸ¦ΈπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ    More special edition toys coming to San Diego Comic-Con (at 24:04)

Approx. 27 min.

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πŸš€ 'Space' Jam, Gillette's 'First Shave,' Booze as the New Wellness Drink & More


Pearl Jam's out to party like it's 2062. Booze wants to be the new wellness drink. Gillette's "First She." Man-size Kleenex and more.

In this Episode:

πŸš€ "Space" Jam: Pearl Jam's New Space Needle Time Capsule
(at 1 min, 30 sec)

πŸ’₯ ComicCon: Marvel & WB Pull Out of Hall H
(at 4:27)

🍸 Booze is the New Wellness Drink?
(at 5:57)

πŸ§”πŸ½ Gillette's "First Shave"
(at 8:38)

β›‘ Shocking Los Angeles: "Mass Shooting Insurance"
(at 10:30)

🏞 One Outdoor Brand's Search-Jacking Jumble
(at 12:33)

🀧 Inclusion: "Man-size Kleenex"
(at 14:18)

(Approx. 15 min, 40 seconds)

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πŸ§”πŸ½ Dollar Shave Club's 'Dad Bods,' IKEA;s Sitcom Living Rooms & More

Dollar Shave Club celebrates 'Dad Bods.' Ikea turns your living room into the set of your favorite sitcom. How to become a bolder brand. Top on-page SEO factors. And enter: The Bancake List, targeting iHob haters, plus more.

In this Episode:

πŸŽΈπŸ“Ί 🎧 iTunes, RIP (at :52 seconds)

πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» Apple's $999 monitor stand (at 2:30)

▢️ Disney v. Netscape (at 3:52)

πŸ¦‡ Batman Does Buehring (at 5:30)

πŸ™ˆ Dollar Shave Club Puts 'Dad Bods' on Display (at 6:40)

πŸ₯ž iHob's 'Bancake List' (at 8:25)

πŸ›‹ IKEA's Sitcom Living Rooms (at 9:55)

πŸ’ͺ🏼 How to Be a Bolder Brand (at: 11:14)

πŸ•΅πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Top On-Page SEO Factors (at 14:07)

πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ Crazy Upcoming Animated TV Shows (at 15:03)

🍻 Getting Fined for Bailing on Your Brew Crew (at 16:30)

Approx 18 min. For US audiences. Review cookie and privacy policies for SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, all other sites and players.